Automotive is a growing sector in terms of technology, methodology and attention to detail.

TERMOFORMATI ITALIA keeps pace with new solutions tailored to this world by offering functional, practical at the same time elegant systems.

With increasingly advanced technology, TERMOFORMATI ITALIA renews itself and satisfies the most demanding requests for customization in terms of quality and design, allowing you to create your items in complete freedom.

Thanks to our special technologies and to the fully internalized manufacturing process, we are able to supply embossed fabrics according to your needs, with standard patterns or with customized shapes and designs.

The fabrics to be worked can be supplied by the customer himself, in such a way as to guarantee uniformity with the rest of the range, and the best matching with your tastes and needs. Or you can rely on the expertise and knowledge of TERMOFORMATI ITALIA which, thanks to continuous research, is able to offer unique and suitable materials for every request.

Thermoformed fabrics